INFERNO- Sony Pictures Vector Commission

  • Very happy to have been commissioned by Sony Pictures to create a stylized tryptych for Robert Langdon's INFERNO - the sequel to "The DaVinci's Code" Directed by Ron Howard and staring Tom Hanks. 
  • This commission was a fun yet challenging one because I've never seen the movie and only had 2 days to complete and represent all 9 level of hell in 3 illustrations.

    Having read and enjoyed Dante Alighieri's 14th Century "Divine Comedy" and a big fan of German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer's etchings of Dante's Inferno- I wanted to create a more stylized, contemporary interpretation.
    Since sins are committed by us mortals, I wanted to represent them by facial characteristics each embodying 3 of the the different levels of hell.

    Below are the actual 3 created with Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Intuos Pro along with the Cmmd+Y vector shapes and anchor points.
  • INFERNO- the first three levels of Hell- Limbo, Gluttony, and Lust-
  • INFERNO- Middle  three levels- WRATH, GREED, and HERESY
  • INFERNO- Final three levels - VIOLENCE, FRAUD, and TREACHERY
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