• Very honored to have been invited for a second time to exhibit with Los Angeles based Pop-Culture Art Gallery- Iam8Bit for their recent exhibition based of those cult movies we all love and would love even more if the studios were to create a SEQUEL for them.
  • As soon as I received the invite I knew that I wanted to honor one of my favorite John Carpenter films " Big Trouble in Little China" but I wanted to shoot for a Prequel about the mysterious and brave Eggshen and his 6 Demon Bag.  So before getting started on the idea, I often like to whip up a vector study to better acquaint myself with the main character.
    Below is a time lapse of a 45min vector sketch created in adobe Illustrator with my wacom intuos pro ( and gives you all a sense of how I play on these projects.)

  • Below is the first quick vector sketch for the composition and how I set up my canvas with visual references.  My intent was to pay tribute to Drew Struzan who created the iconic movie poster and to have my illustration fit within the same personality ( plus I just wanted to have a print I can hang next to that would look like part of a series- hahah- i'm such a movie geek).
  • Below- a series of process screen caps and build ups within adobe illustrator.
  • Below: a macro shot of the two street gangs battling out through a ritual "Dragon Dance".
  • Below: a set of close ups of Eggshen and the vector shapes involved.
  • Below: Over all "Cmmd+Y" screen caps of all the vector shapes and anchor points.
  • Here's an actual print of the final illustration and....
  • Available at Iam8bit - size : 24"x36", Edition of 50 click here for more info.
  • Below: Final Vector Illustration
    EGGSHEN and the 6 Demon Bag
    If you care to see more, click below to follow my vector adventures.
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