The Spice Trekkers cook at home

  • 140 recipes and 175 variations, 
    all accompanied by a box of 28 spices and blends!

    In this book, Ethné and Philippe de Vienne literally invite you into their kitchen to discover their everyday cooking. It’s a showcase of what the authors know best: simple, flavorful recipes, based on their culinary discoveries, as well as their experiences in eating healthily and happily, surrounded by loved ones. This book also offers tools and ideas for thinking about modern nutrition that are accessible to all-- while never compromising flavour.

    One recipe, endless variations!

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  • Each chapter presents recipes with cooking techniques with numerous possible variations. The majority of the recipes include variation tables that can be used to create dishes using the same techniques but with different ingredients. The full recipes are available on our website if needed.

    This book’s objective is to help open the door to delicious, uncompromised cooking that is both joyful and restorative. When we’re young, we think we know everything there is to learn. But as we get older, thanks to the enlightenment of experience, we come to understand there is always more to learn. This adage has guided the de Viennes as they chose, for health reasons, a cooking more oriented towards nutrition. After two years of exploring these different ways of eating, the idea for this book began to sprout, and now they’re ready to share their knowledge with you.


    Concept: Ethné and Philippe de Vienne
    Editor: Steven Allison 
    Art Direction: Renée Heppleston and Patrick Seymour
    Copy editing: Nouella Grimes
    Proofreading: Alida Allison
    Translation: Steven Allison
    Cover, page layout, and design: Patrick Seymour
    Recipe and cover photos: Renée Heppleston
    Travel Photos: Ethné and Philippe de Vienne, personal collection
    Culinary styling: Philippe and Arik de Vienne and Renée Heppleston

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