August Breeze

  • My first Vray Interior
    Personal project; learn Vray!
  • This is a personal project. I wanted to learn how to use Vray for Cinema4D. This interior took 10 days to model, texture and render. Over the course of the 10 days I learned more about mapping and textures as well as improving my compostional skills. After trying this type of 3d work I have a much deeper appriciation for the craft. It takes alot of skill in not only materials and how they react to different light but also photography skills. How to set up a scene in an interesting way and get the most out of it.

    In the main room image I wanted to use lots of straight lines coming directly out at the viewer. I wanted to have a mix of hard corners such as the picture frames and sideboard but also some rounded corners as seen in the coffee table and leather armchair. I used cloth dynamics and cloth collision tags on the blinds to give the impression of a breezey Summers day. The image was quite rigid so adding the cloth and wind allowed for movement. I wanted to use this help guide the viewers eye around the scene - starting at the brightest parts then the direction of the blinds guiding the viewer around the image.

    I've also provided some work in progress images and some close up shots with Depth of Field.

    Also I owe a huge thank you to a friend Christopher James Lane for all his help, tips and patience! Thanks Chris!
  • Trying to get a Summer feel with the bright, nature styled furniture but not happy with the results.
  • The Final Shots
  • Final Image
  • "August Breeze"
    Returning to my first Vray interior to make some changes...