Tales of Nonsense | Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2016

  • Isda is a fisherwoman. Everyday, she sells the fishes she caught at the market. One day she wakes up and finds that she doesn't have any food in her pantry. "I will go out and  fish today," Isda says. She picks up her net and goes outside. She holds the net up in the air and runs after the flying fish. She catches one! Every fish Isda catches is put in a woven basket. She continues to fish until her basket is full. She goes back home and cooks one for her breakfast. In the market, Isda sells the fish. Before long, cats come to her stall and buy the fish from her. Isda has enough money now to buy a house in the clouds. She is happy.

  • Tales of Nonsense is the theme for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2016. The Awards are administered by the University of Gloucestershire, UK. The selected work was showcased at an exhibition and published in the Annual which will be distributed to institutions and industry publishers. 

  • My illustration on the left hand page and illustration by Jaye Kang on the right