Lettering, Logos, Type Design & Illustration Part-2

  • A selection of Type Treatments, Logos, and Packaging Design from various projects.
    Some of the designs are final key artwork and were used in product packaging and branding,
    and others are concept designs for presentation.
  • Title Treatments/Logos for Food Product Packaging and Branding ~ Sprinkl'ins by Dannon and Breakfast Mates for Kellogg's

  • Alternate Flavor/Branding Title Treatments for Food/Breakfast Product.~ Dannon, Kellogg's

  • Title Treatment, Alternate Packaging Concept for Breakfast Mates Food Product ~ Cornerstone Design - Kellogg's

  • Logo Concepts/Title Treatments for Branding a new hot delivery system. ~ TL Partnership Advertising, Pizza Hut

  • Title Treatments/Illustrative Lettering Concepts for Branding and Advertising a new Ice Cream Product ~
    DMBB Advertising, Baskin Robbins

  • Title Treatments/Logo Concepts for Packaging and Branding a Video Series on Food and Nutrition for Kids ~
    Robbins Leavy Design
    Logo/Identity Concepts for a New Restaurant Branding. ~ Consolidated Foods Inc. Tortilla Fresh Restaurant
  • All Artwork Copyright © 2015 Todd Curtis