Blogizm: Feedly / RSS Feeds


    If you don't know what RSS is it stands for Rich Site Summary. I have been RSS'n for over 10 years. The way I think about it and the way I utilize this technology is crucial and vital to staying organized and maximizing my time efficiently. The basic concept is this... Every day when you first get onto your computer, most people have their "go-to" websites that they get their daily "whatever" from, news, gossip, social, tech, whatever it may be, people have a habit of going to certain websites "everyday" and looking for new content. The problem with this is everyday, you are wasting your time typing in the website name (hopefully people have bookmarks and can open all the sites in one click) just to get the info you seek. This is a complete waste of time. This is where RSS feeds come into play. I have about 50+ sites that I follow. Rather than checking whichever site to see whats new, I have them all set up in my RSS app. I use <a href="" target="_blank">Feedly</a>. Feedly came around right when Google decided to end its RSS program (RIP) and it honestly is better than what google had. The way it works is, any site you follow or check everyday, you add into Feedly. You then can add that feed into a "category". Once you have added all the sites you follow, Feedly does everything else for you.