Red Bull Radio

  • How do you launch an Internet radio station in a music market dominated by algorithmic streaming services? How do you build a brand within one of the most famous brands in the world?

    With its global network of mastermind artists and expert hosts, Red Bull Music Academy Radio has been broadcasting highly curated programming online for more than 10 years. With a new and improved site and app scheduled to launch, the beverage brand knew it needed a stronger positioning for the Radio platform, in order to appeal to a broader audience. The first step would be the U.S. market. Given the challenge of facing a crowded space dominated by streaming giants, RBMA Radio turned to Your Majesty to start from the ground up and get the word out.

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  • We started with an immersion workshop with Red Bull’s senior management teams to clarify RBMA Radio’s positioning, benefits and values. After evaluating the workshop insights and conducting in-depth research, we crafted coherent and cohesive brand positioning, manifesto, voice, identity, design systems and a creative platform to drive the big message: You need to hear this! You can find all the music you want online, but tune into RBMA Radio to find the music you didn’t know you were looking for.

    We solved four main objectives: 
    1. Drive awareness and traffic to RBMA Radio 
    2. Be flexible enough to promote shows with vastly different audiences 
    3. Craft cohesive out of home, print, digital, social, retail, packaging and PR messaging 
    4. Communicate the brand’s strong musical perspective with a sense of urgency

  • On the web, rich media banners pulled real-time, on-air show information to drive immediacy and click-through. Offline and at the local level, we ran traditional and guerilla (takeover) advertising, PR, market-specific content and influencer/partnership support timed with Red Bull-sponsored festivals.

    RBMA Radio’s traffic has increased astoundingly, and all the buzz has enabled it to solidify contracts with more high-profile hosts and artists. The success caught the attention of many new fans and rollouts are planned for additional markets. A huge win for our clients—and for music lovers everywhere.

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Artist: Charli XCX performs at PC Music Presents: Pop City, part of RBMA Radio: Live from Los Angeles, on July 20, 2016. Photographer: Philip Cosores / Red Bull Content Pool

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  • Artist: Bruiser Brigade live on-air inside the RBMA Radio Pop-Up in Detroit, MI, USA on 23 May, 2016. Photographer: Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull Content Pool

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  • Artist: DJ Quik performs at RBMA Radio presents United States of Bass at Union in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 15 July, 2016. Photographer: Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull Content Pool

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