Pixel Show 2016

    PIXEL SHOW 2016

    Hey guys! 
    We’re here to share the biggest project we did. 
    We designed the identity and illustrations of the biggest art and creativity event 
    of Latin America and the 3rd of the world: Pixel Show.

    It was a huge project and we had the opportunity to develop illustrations for all kind of medias as you can see below.
    Hope you like it and give us your feedback too! 

  • Credits
    Creative Direction:  Allan Szacher (zupi.com.br) | Direction: Vitor Cervi (
    vitorcervi.tv) | Support: Julia Brandt
    Animation: Vitor Cervi, Leandro Franci (leandrofranci.com) and Thiago Pinho (thiagopinho.com)
    Sound: Combustion (combustion.ws) | Visuals: Marmota vs Milky

  • MvsM
  • Credits
    Lettering: Carlos Siqueira (


  • Thanks for Whatching 

    Marmota vs Milky
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