Ripple Support Network

  • Ripple Support Network

    Ripple wanted to create a lightning fast response system to address help for students, recently living on their own. Pearl created the strategy, product, brand, and system that makes getting support on the phone one click away. 

    Ripple consists of a simple button worn anywhere, app and a back-office system used by Ripple operators. One click of the button and an operator calls the users' cell phone, ready to help, dispatch, connect or whatever else is needed. Click. Ring. Phew!

  • Work
    Strategy . Concept . Device Design & Engineering . Brand Identity . Brand Guidelines . Packaging
    Mobile App . Website . Operators Portal . Supply Chain

    Strategy and Creative Direction . Mladen Barbaric . Minkyu Choi
    Industrial Design . Minkyu Choi . Kisae Kim
    Mechanical Engineering . Sungmoon Kim . Kihyun Kim . Bong Geun Kim
    Art Direction . Denis Olenik
    Graphic Design . Denis Olenik . Olga Pechanko
    CGI and Photography . Den Brooks
    Software . Haress Das . Justin Lee . Edgar Moon
    Project Management . Boris Barbaric
    Film . B-Reel (London)