Blogizm: Cinema 4D Scene File


    Working as a freelancer you are forced to work on a different machine at each studio that books you. Nine out of ten times, the first day you walk into a new studio, they either don't have a machine for you, or they aren't ready to give you a task to work on. Even if they do, the first thing I do is set my machine up to reflect my setup at home. It takes me about 10-15 minutes granted theres no interruptions. I have a bunch of appz I use for other purposes that I will address in future posts, but the main thing that kills me is using the default scene file C4D loads up. In addition to that, I have spent plenty of time creating custom layouts and shortcuts for operations I use every other minute.

    This is what my default Object Manager looks like anytime I open C4D.
  • This is my default layer color system which matches my After Effects label colors which I will get into in another post. Gotta stay consistent right? The custom names are just called Layer like the yellow purple and grey layers.
  • In addition to having my Object Manager automatically set up for me each time I load C4D, I also have my Render Settings built into the file.

    I have noticed so many people rendering into the viewport and not into the Picture Viewer which kills me. Why would you sit there and waste your time waiting on a render that could potentially stop if you move your mouse or Wacom the slightest bit? Just render to the Picture Viewer. It keeps a "History" of your renders with a ton of information and you can even do A + B comparisons. I honestly just don't get it. WHY? Anyways, back to the purpose of this post, if you set up all your Render Presets ONE TIME, then you literally can set your scene up and start testing renders. I always do animation tests first so the first thing I do is a Hardware or Software preview to get in front of the AD or CD and then keep it pushin'.

    Why people use "My Render Setting" is completely beyond me and is seriously like... oh man... just stop. That is some toy ish.

    Why would you waste your time and the studios time setting up custom render settings every time you make a new file? It's just weak sauce.
  • I provided my file below in case that helps. Enjoy.
    Download the scene file here: Click Me