• Bunnerflies

    This illustration was part of Light Grey Art Lab's show, 'Midnight. The show features work from 80 artists, inspired by some of their most vivid and memorable dreams. ItĀ attempts to unravel the secret undercurrents, fears, cryptic messages, and fractured narratives we experience through the thin veil of sleep.

    My piece 'Bunnerflies' is from a dream I've had of rabbits, who through contraction of a parasite or some mutation, have begun to sprout butterfly wings from all over their bodies. Although painless, the process renders them mostly immobile, so they sit in their warren and wait patiently. In my dream I'm not sure whether the change is fatal, or if they will emerge as some other creature at the end of theirĀ evolution.

  • Final illustration
  • Original drawing
  • Pictures from the show, and me holding the original drawing
  • Light Grey Art Lab's gallery