Illustrations for Akbank Jazz Festival

  • Illustrations for, Akbank jazz festival in Istanbul . We did this for social media, an Instagram project. We've six different animation with some puzzles and questions about Jazz. So the quickest answer win the a prize about jazz festival.

    Our main scene is a panoramic view of Istanbul with Galata tower and bosphorus. We divide the main illustration into nine pieces in Instagram and every single square opens a different story and animation.  

    I did character design, concept art, storyboard, background design and animation poses for the project. Here are some illustrations and videos.

  • First story starts, on the top of the Galata tower. 
  • Second story is about two old people sitting on a bench an watching people around. 
  • Third story is about a mysterious man chasing another with frightened taxi driver in
    the streets of Galata an Karaköy.
  • Fourth story is about a wise grocer and his customer.

  • Fifth story is about a musician, making music for people in street.
    Character is based on one of the most famous contrabass artist in
    Turkey named Volkan Hürsever.
  • Last story take place inside a vinyl shop.
  • Animations by @Efeokay