• Drawing is not only visual language but a way to express myself. 
    These pictures are rough and quickly made (comparing to my vector works). 
    I can't even call them works because in most cases there's nothing but a scanned sketch with digital colours . 
    And (of course) some magic.
  • Acid. Yo, future!
  • Golf Ghettoblaster. Postapocalyptic kaido racer.
  • Extremely Raw Power. My favourite style - fictional magazine cover.
  • Street Punk. Add some red colour and your random sketch will look amazing!
  • 1 s  T h i 5  p 1 Z D 3 t S ? Quick photo bash. Source images:
    Playstation 2, Playstation and CERO logos are property of their respective owners.
  • Future Punk Skull. Ball point pen scribble with chromatic aberration.
  • Zombie Suicide. Gundam meets Mad Max. Stanced.
  • H 3 4 D   E x P l 0 d E. I sometimes feel like this guy.
  • Plastic Pop. It's almost vaporwave.
  • Portable 1. Nintendo, octopuses, wires.
  • Portable 2. I was obsessed with high blue this summer.
  • D U d 3  o n  A C 1 d. Photobash, collage. Source image:
    PS4, Playstation and CERO logos are property of their respective owners.
  • Space Punk. Drawn in 5 minutes with cheap felt tip pen.