Artifice : Phase Seven : Mechanics

  • We are back! After our recent dive into freestyle territory, we have returned to our themed exhibition style for our 7th Phase. As many Artifice artists have a strong background in science fiction art and design, it seemed only natural to give life to the core of the subject: machines. New to the group with Phase Seven is some fresh blood, in the form of the young-gun hardsurface modelling god Linus Zoll, and the incredible fantasy-driven photomanipulator, Estelle Chomienne. We hope you enjoy our interpretations of the machines that drive our lives, welcome to Mechanics.

  • . . . . . .

  • Rekon-1 by
    Maxime des TOUCHES

  • HAR.AMB E7.0 by
    Linus Zoll

  • Organic Mechanic by
    Estelle Chomienne

  • Dawn by
    Yohan Schmitz

  • Yakushima by
    Vitaliy Havrylyuk

  • Exhibit A by
    David Watson

  • Day Zero by
    Danny Laursen

  • Gravitronic Variance Module by
    Kresimir Jelusic
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