Sandwiches and stuff

  • Sandwiches and stuff!
  • Yep, it's another one of those "here's a bunch of things I made this year but I'm throwing them together into one project as they are too small to post alone" Behance projects!

  • Sliced Invites
    This is a quick model I made in CINEMA 4D for some dribbble invites I was giving away. I had two to give out. I wanted the outer sphere to have a basketball type texture to reflect the dribbble logo. I tried to use as much pink as possible too.
  • Spyglass
     I was asked by Axis Animation to create a make-shift telescope that a child could build from objects found at home. I thought taking a vacuum cleaner hose and taping two magnifying glasses to either end would work!
  • Sci-fi
    This was a project I started for fun but didn't have time to finish. Earlier this year I was speaking at  PixelVienna about stylized modelling. I wanted to touch on the topic of where to get inspiration from. If you struggle to come up with designs yourself why not look to other artists or cartoons you loved as a starting point? These are some robots from Dexter's Laboratory!
  • Sandwiches
    This is a style frame I made for BUCK. I wanted to create a simple, toy-like, stacked sandwich. The final design had to show a stylized hand stealing some of the filling.