The Walking Legends | A "Walking Dead" Tribute

  • The Walking Legends
  • This is a NO SPOILERS project (we take as a fact that everyone in the TV series are dead). But if you really want to enjoy it and understand it better, it’s good to see the TV series till the end of season 6 first.
  • “Feels like there’s a lot of dying that goes around. No more kids stuff. I wish you could have the childhood I had, but that’s not gonna happen. People are gonna die, I’m gonna die, mom is gonna die. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it. I try to be, but I can’t. The best we can do is avoid it as long as we can. Keep one step ahead.”
    Rick Grimmes to his son
    Season 2 Episode 12

    I’m became a fan of The Walking Dead universe from the moment I read the 1st issue of the comic book. The reason is not the blood, the violence or all of the “cool” stuff that are included in a good zombie story… ok these may be some good reasons to read the comic or watch the TV series but these are certainly not the main one. The main reason is that “The Walking Dead” explores the way that people react in extreme situations and how this affects their personalities. It shows us how much confused we are and makes us wonder about our place in society.

    “I want “The Walking Dead” to be a chronicle of Rick’s life”
    Rober Kirkman

    After the finale of Season 6, the creator of The Walking Dead, Rober Kirkman, was asked how he imagined the future of the TV series. He answered a few days later with a sketch depicting Carl Grimes as an adult with many scars, carrying Daryl’s crossbow and dragging his now “walker”, father.

    Based on all of the above and as I was waiting for the premiere of season 6, I made an illustration of a fictional Carl and Judith Grimes, 20 years after the events that took place in the TV series. My personal opinion is that the real badass of the series is Carl. He learns how to survive in this brutal world from the mistakes of his father, his family as well as his enemies. After every conflict he gets tougher and stronger and he always protects his little sister transforming her little by little to a strong survivor. I added some secret messages in the illustration by allegorizing the knowledge gained by Grimes and Judith, placed on the weapons each one carries.

    This project is dedicated to all the fans that waited patiently for the 7th season premiere.
    This moto was written on Diana’s plans on the development of Aleksandria
  • These two phrases summarize the Grimes family ethical code
  • Carl “The Killer” Grimes
  • “Shit kid, light up… at least cry a little.”
    After all, that Carl has gone through, he became as cold and tough as his father wanted him to be
  • “Don’t make me kill the little future serial killer”
    Daryl taught Carl how to be a hunter and a tracker passing to him his crossbow and knife. Perfect skills for a serial killer.
  • “You got one of our guns.”
  • “…and a machete with a red handle. That’s I’m gonna use to kill you”
    Rick Grimes to the cannibal leader
  • “This is Lucille, and she is awesome”
    Apparently the king is dead.. all hail to king Grimes!
  • The “Wolves” are heretics, so their punishment is to be “free” as they said and to be forever Grimes bitches.
  • No one messes with Negan stuff because he knows how to spread fear with his words. Carl learn to spread this fear too.
  • Judith “lil’ ass kicker” Grimes
  • Judith’s role model is Michonne so she now knows how to use a katana and she tries to look like michonne with the bandana and the dreadlocks.
  • Judith inherited from Tairis, his first protector, his kickass shotgun.
  • As a dad that he wants to give practical presents to his kids, Rick gave her his axe.
  • Carol always wants to teach the kids of the series how to use knives, so when Judith comes of age, Carol gave her favourite knife.