• Especialist Clinic in Behavioral Nutrition, which seeks to intervene in the way people relate to food through innovative and scientific methods, without being restricted to a single context.

    Alimentas believe the most important is how people eat, first than what.


    Ali mean alimento (food)  |  Mentas mean mente (mind)  | Alimentas is similar to Alimentar = feed

    Strong colors represents the variety of foods and behavior nutrition methods.
    The fork created based in "L" and "M" evokes the emphasis in the way of eat.
    Heart means a important brand value: the love.

  • Beyond the visual identity, I developed illustrations that represent the relationship of people with food:
    As they are present in all moments of our life.
  • Graphic Design / Art Direction: Gabriel Fagundes
    Production Management: Fernanda Martins

    This project was done through