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  • “HowTo” is a semiannual magazine, designed by Ogilvy, Frankfurt and written by leading Ogilvy staff and experts from the walks of media ... Each issue treats a big, contemporary topic from the communication industry.

    The topic of this upcoming fourth issue: Stop advertising. Start entertaining.

    Branded Entertainment.
    It‘s content, it‘s likeable, it‘s creative, it meets brands‘ objectives and it‘s good enough to get a prime-time slot on a major commercial channel. To achieve this, brands need to look for new players in the market. In fact, what‘s required is a sort of hybrid—an agency that combines content production with brand advertising or a production company that can deliver brand stories. And the brand needs to be closely involved in creating the content, so both parties are committed.
    The new media: Handys, i-phone or computer ( new distributors)
    The old media: television, radio, magazines ( Print)