• Rolls-Royce gave full creative freedom to Alessandra Kila, asking her to bring her unique photographic vision to their Ghost model.

    She placed miniature cars into surreal surroundings, highlighting the bespoke services of the high class car company by incorporating them as abstract set elements.

    In post, Recom Farmhouse balanced the various captures of car and reflections, fog, background, and so on. They adjusted the colours and mood to emphasize the metaphysical feel of the series, and enhanced the lush and luxurious tones of the series.

  • Client: Rolls-Royce Magazine 
    Photography and Art Direction: Alessandra Kila 
    Post Artist: Pepê Alram / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artist: Aljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artist: Maria Luisa Calosso / Recom Farmhouse

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