Medicine Boy // A Visual Response

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  • "Dream Noise Duo", Medicine Boy, recently launched their awesome debut album, "Kinda Like Electricity". 
    Leading up to their album launch, they hosted an exhibition, sponsored by Vans, where 10 artists and designers were each asked to create a 'visual response' to one of the tracks on the album. My given track was "Anything, As Long As It's Black", the 7th track on the album, with the standout lyric " lungs are two jars of fireflies".

    You can hear/buy the album {HERE}...

    Conceptually, I think the approach is fairly self-explanatory. Tree roots were illustrated to mimic veins on lungs, without it being too overwhelming. Fireflies fly from the jars/lungs and past the candle flame where they are magnified, creating a strong focal point for the poster. The overall design and lettering style in hugely inspired by the Art Nouveau design movement (which can be seen in the layout, frame, and illustrative embellishments), as I felt that, from a visual standpoint, it lends itself particularly well to the faint, yet hauntingly beautiful sound and feeling of the specific track, as well as the general persona of the band.

    You can have a look at the poster artwork and process below, along with some photos of the exhibition opening.

  • { Early planning and refined sketch }

  • { Final Poster Illustration // "My Lungs Are Two Jars of Fireflies" }​​​​​​​

  • { Details }

  • { Final Print }

  • Top (L to R): Shaun Swainland & Giulia Aliverti, Nadia Locke, Raoul Goetze, Ian Jepson, Jared Kruger, Nena Maree.
    Bottom (L to R): Joff, Amor Coetzee, Rouleaux van der Merwe, Simon Berndt/One Horse Town, Joachim Ducos, Christi du Toit.

  • { Screen Printed Tote'ally Awesome Bags for the Album Launch }

  • { Preliminary Mock-Up }

  • { Exhibition Opening // Photos Courtesy of Vans }

  • { Medicine Boy - E.V.I.L. // First Single off of Kinda Like Electricity }
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