THE WEEKS Gig Poster

  • Digital Poster Illustration created in love of The Weeks performing at The Jinx in Savannah GA.
    I started listening to this band when i first came to college, 
    so it's kind of cool that upon my competition of school that they perform here in Savannah.

    The illustration was inspired by the chorus of "Brother in the Night" that states:
    "If my southern heart's still pumping blood. I'll bury my money in the mighty Mississippi mud.
    And if my southern lungs won't let my breathe, I'll wait for the cicadas and i'll let them push it out for me."

    I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition, the element of grungy southern lifestyle next to anatomical ideas.
    It gave me a bunch of visuals of southern rusted objects with precise medical illustration elements collaged with it.
    The final resulted in a "southern heart" being carried by a beat up vintage truck, and having the spanish moss tree 
    branches be expanding out of the heart and teeming with life.

    I don't normally stick to just digital illustration means, but i definitely wanted to go for a limited color screen print look.
    Keeping textures minimal and a good focus on the mood of the palette to be swampy and Savannah green.
  • Thanks!