• I was contacted by Variety Magazine to illustrate their no.3 Issue for 2015.
    This was a really fun project to work and the Variety guys were pretty cool and chill to work with. It was a great opportunity to experiment with some techniques and methodology.
  • I finished two different BG versions which I think it could change the overall meaning of the portrait a lot. The one on the left looks more like  a Revolutionary propaganda whereas the one on the right look more like an action poster. The one on the left was the one chosen by Variety. 
    Which one do you guys like better?
  • Detail
  • Sometimes people have asked me about my Illustration process including the technical side of it. Sometimes people think sharing their process diminishes the value of their work by giving away their "know how", exposing their secrets will make them less special than other artists. 

    I think nowadays is very likely that your work resembles another 1000 artist's style / concept./ idea. So why not sharing what your real process is and let the world know what truly makes your work special or unique. 

  • After going back and forth with the client's feedback about what the direction was wanted to take; I found this image of Dorsey when he was younger. The challenge here was to make him look older and also gave him a "Guerrilla - Che Guevara-ish" vibe to the portrait, so this picture was perfect because of the angle and expression of his face.  I later on used the Smudge tool to soften up some color clusters and to detect highlights and shadows.
  • I used the Smudge tool for a little more and but I start painting with a regular brush. I don't usually use fancy or customized brushes however, I do play around a lot with the opacity and the blending modes of my brushes. By the last Iteration, most of my paint is visible and the photographic element just gives some accent to the illustration (like the ears)
  • Last color enhancement and color correction
  • Second Illustration
  • Photo: Chuck Kerr
  • Photo: @gymclassmag