[eleVatoR] – virtual reality concept

  • My idea was to help people with claustrophobia by developing a VR app for the Google Cardboard. 
    I wanted to reduce the fear of an elevator by simulating a wide, beautiful landscape instead of a tiny room out of metal. For that I tried to also use the barometer of an iPhone to transfer the movement of the elevator into 3D space. With that you can really see if you are ascending or descending.
    This concept is the result of a seven-week project called "Virtual reality with VR glasses" at my university (KISD Köln International School of Design). Our task was to experiment with the new possibilities of virtual reality, to freely choose a topic for our VR application and to develop a working prototype that we could present at one of our friday presentations.
    Special thanks to Lisa Hedwig and Robert Schneider for making this possible!
  • Thank you for watching and appreciating! :)