The Daily Rider_(Rickshaw Wala)

  • Illustration Project
    The Daily Rider
    (Rickshaw Wala)

    Among the many transport and communication vehicles prevalent in India, 
    ‘auto rickshaw’ is one of the important means of transport.
    Auto rickshaws are a common means of public transportation 
    in many cities and parts across India. 
    These popular rickshaws are seen in parts like 
    Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata etc. 
    The subject which I have chosen is a means of earning a livelihood, 
    a service to the society. 
    ‘Rickshaw Puller’ more commonly known as ‘Rickshaw wala’ 
    is someone who works for the common man and works hard 
    to earn for his family.Though a vehicle, a rickshaw does not 
    have value unless it is brought into use for the purpose it serves 
    and driven by it’s driver or puller. 
    It is not something which can be used unlike other modes of transport. 
    The ‘Rickshaw wala’ begins his day with cleaning his dear companion, 
    they work hard togther for the pulic and return home late night.
    ‘Rickshaw’ is the lifeline of Rickshaw wala’.
    In this everday’s routine, both ‘rickshaw wala’ and his ‘rickshaw’ 
    have to face many problems.
    Pulling through the traffic, going to the garage for any repairs,
    filling petrol, at the same time carrying the passengers to their destinations
    also he has to have his lunch in the afternoon hours,
    rest for sometime due to physical stress, the whole routine 
    has become a daily basis of his life and means of fufilling his family needs.
    ‘Rickshaw wala’, a hard working, helpful and a common man himself
    plays an important role in the society.
    Spacial thanks to @Pooja More