Caffè Pagani

  • Caffè Pagani

    Roasting Caffè Pagani was founded in 1949 from the dream and the passion of the founder Giorgio Pagani. Roasting is based in Lugano and managed by the second generation of the family. They call themselves craftsmen of good taste. They produce and sell coffee mainly in Ticino. Their mixtures of superior quality are intended to channels HO.RE.CA. (hotel, restaurant, cafe) to consumption at home and at the office.

    The new logo is a metaphor of circular movement of coffee during roasting. In general, the entire roasting process is based on circles, coffee beans always move in a circle. Two main characteristics (time and temperature) have round dials too. Everything is circular and everything rotates. Generation by generation Pagani offer you coffee mixtures of excellent quality.

  • Coffee Packaging

    Idea for packaging design was taken from the device of roasting machine. Usually a roaster has cylinder form and special round window on the front side to see degree of roast. We've used these typical details in packaging concept to convey the idea of fresh roasted coffee. Short logo version symbolizes coffee beans which go in a circle during the roasting process.

    Each mixture has own name and capital letter for quick identification (E for Espresso, G for Grani Naturali, etc.). On the back side of packaging there are placed the circular message for real coffee lovers.