Character design and illustration 2016

  • Xena fun art. When you are super angry and wanna kill everything that moves and your friend says "just relax".....
  • This is my glam metal character.
  • This is two Geisha.  Madam Caterpillar. They say, she extremely beautiful.... But is it worth to believe what people say. As soon as you see her you would be sure she was once...long long ago... maybe. But for sure, Madam Caterpillar is ready to become a butterfly....
    Andl Madam Butterfly. She is bully and minx.
  • This is my Sailor Moon. As far as I desided to make her in russian costume I red a bit about moon meaning in old culture and it has dark women meaning like yin in Chinese culture. It doesnt mean bad just opposite to pure light. Was inspired by alfons Mucha and great old russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin.
  • Do you like Labyrinth as I do?
    This movie impressed me so much when i was a kid. I like the story and actors. And Bowie of course. I wanted to make fun art for a long time and finally here it is.
    The idea was to make magic romance feel by color and light. And make the world colorfull just inside the ball. Like everything in our mind is more colorful and bright than in reality.
  • This is my captain Ahab
  • Here is my mermaid size+
    Ive heard story that sailors often confused Manatees with mermaids . Lots of rum you know ) this inspired me to take walrus body shape and ice envy. Welcome this cutie)
  • Thanks for watching!!!