Colombiana Packaging- Shortlist Young Lions

  • V I D A  A  L A  C O L O M B I A N A   /   S H O R T L I S T 
    C o  l  o m b i a n a

    Art Director: Juan Moreno
    Art Director: Andrés de la hoz

    Hacerlo a la colombiana is to do well and part of this is to be aware of the wonderful country to which we belong.

    The Caribbean region in particular, is based on the beautiful contrast of its flora and fauna, but today it is being violated. That is why this design wants to show with its minimalist style that some of its animals such as the Manatee of the Caribbean, the Flamingo and the Guacamaya Bandera, are on the way to extinction. This in order to honor and respect them, showing their greatness and great importance within the Caribbean region; so that Colombians notice that this is a latent danger and they want to preserve the life of our fauna.