36 Days of Science Fiction Type

  • "36 Days of Type" is an instagram project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to express their particular view on the letters of the alphabet. Participants are challenged to design a letter each day, and the resulting outcome is each artist's ability to display a particular symbol in many different ways, through many different perspectives. 
    For this challenge, I decided to pick a science fiction theme, and designed a letter of the alphabet everyday that represents one particular concept in science fiction. 
  • A for Artificial Intelligence
  • B for Bug-eyed Monster
  • C for Cyborg
  • D for Death Ray
  • E for Extra Terrestrial
  • F for Flying Saucer
  • G for Gadget
  • H for Humanoid
  • I for Insectoid
  • J for Jump Space
  • K for Killing Machine
  • L for Laser Gun
  • M for Mad Scientist
  • N for Nanobots
  • O for Orbit
  • P for Pigoon
  • Q for Quark
  • R for Robot
  • S for Spaceship
  • T for Time Machine
  • U for UFO
  • V for Virtual Reality
  • W for Warp Drive
    X for Xenocide
  • Y for Yeti
    Z for Zero Gravity