Caricature & Portrait Video Processes & Tutorials.

  • On this project i will share all video and step by step tutorials of drawing and painting process. Feel free to leave a comments with you opinion and questions. 
  • Here i'm showing full process of drawing i'm usually using for illustration creation. Caricature for a Frida Khalo took me about 11 hours to draw. If you want to look in more slowly process, here in my account you can find same video but with one hour duration.
    This caricature painted for CS 3000 contest on Facebook.
    Full illustration you can look here:
    Its my first video with screen recording process, so please dont judge me strictly:)
  • This caricature done for Audrey Tautou, painted for CS 3000 on facebook. . It took 14 hours to draw from start to finish. So i was compress 14 hours process to 6 minuts video:)
  • This work took me 9 hours to draw. Liam Gallagher from Oasis. Painted for CS 3000 on facebook.
  • Paris Hilton caricature drawing for CaricaturamaShowdown 3000 on facebook. Painting took me 6 hours to finish.
  • Jack White caricature drawing for CaricaturamaShowdown 3000 on facebook. Painting took me 6.30-7 hours to finish.
  • Nina Simone.Painted for CS 3000 on facebook.
  • Keith Richards caricature drawing. Painted for BookFace contest on facebook. This painting took me about 6-7 hours to draw.
    Soundtrack by The Rolling Stones.
  • Here I'm showing process of portrait painting i did for Irina. Since better quality took about 2G of space and Vimeo and FB reject it, i had compress it to lower size:) I spent about 4-5 hours to draw it total. Any comments and questions are welcome:)
  • Process of drawing caricature of Donald Trump with Lakshmi mantra as a sound:)))
  • Process of Bill Gates caricature drawing
  • Cat Bentley caricature drawing process:)
  • Emma Watson caricature drawing as Hermione Granger. Took about 5 hours to do:)
  • Al Hirschfeld. Painted for CS3000. Took about to 5-6 hours to draw.
  • Caricature drawing process of BB King. Painted for Caricaturama Showdown 3000.
  • Johnny Depp caricature drawing process. It took me about 7-8 hours to draw total. Done for Caricaturama Showdown 3000.
  • A portrait painting video process of work i've did for my Patreon patron.
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  • Here below are set of Step by Step tutorials, you can click on to view full image:)
    You can visit also my Deviantart gallery to see full size images of this tutorials.