POLO CG Visuals

  • Bomper were enlisted by Taxi Studio to aid with developing key visuals for their full POLO rebrand. Taxi were looking to completely refresh the POLO brand identity, and they set out to acheive this with a simple, contemporary approach that would catch eyes across all audiences. To this end Bomper created crisp and clear CG visuals for each and every POLO variant - ensuring that the classic mint's best side would be captured on all packaging and point-of-sale.
  • Bomper's 3D artists measured and referenced actual POLO mints to build an accurate and realistic base mesh, onto which details - including the famous POLO brandmark - were sculpted and stamped in ZBrush. Very few mints survived this reference process, and it remains a mystery as to why.
  • The team also took great pains to recreate the look and feel of the different flavours of fruit POLO, again taking a range of reference images against different lights in order to guide their process. Materials and lighting were applied in Cinema4D and the final images were rendered out using VRay.