Mesa Baja Branding & Packaging

    I was commissioned to design a packaging and branding/emblem for Grisalon Agroindustria and their Sub-brand called Mesa Baja. Mesa Baja is flagship brand for line of sugar cane - based organic and biodegradable products. Grisalon Agroindustria is development of agro-industrial and marketing agro-organic products. GA is a family owned and leading agribusiness company in the department of Quindio (Colombia) whose mission is to develop and sell innovative agro - industrial products from the materials that are usually found in the coffee region of Colombia.

    When revitalizing brand identity, I tried to keep their visual essence in a traditional and vintage way and the main goal was to create a branding image that reflects the richness of the land of Colombian region and to reflect the importance of the farmer as well. Their hard work is the platform to renew forces, create convictions and grow the passion and commitment to their identity and tradition. Emblem is created in main and alternate option, featuring a farmer.

    Packaging and identity is designed in traditional, handmade style approach, which gives it vintage characteristics.

    Mesa Baja Packaging contains 100% Organic dehydrated sugar cane juice/powder (panela).
    Packaging bag is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.
  • Client: Grisalon Agroindustria SAS
    Brand identity, Packaging and Presentation: Milos Milovanovic

    Year 2016.
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