Mammuthus Urban Apparel

  • Mammuthus Urban Apparel
    Unleashing Urban Aggression

    The challenge: Mammuthus is a Greek urban clothing & apparel brand established in Athens. Love for minimalism, avant-garde and simplicity are the values that the brand shares through their collection of urban and streetwear clothes and accessories for adulthood, men and women. A collection of original, stunning and provocative clothes deeply inspired by the art of simplicity and basic. At issue here was a brand identity that would convey their perceived values among customers.

    The concept: A new fashion line needs to set itself apart. A brand identity portraying the brand’s special personality can help at making the difference. In this framework, we visualized the brand’s vision, represented by its powerful brand name “Mammuthus”. Mammuthus is a legendary animal that became extinct, and yet survived through its legend. This dynamic imagery instantly communicates their aim: to break the ice of street fashion stereotypes, giving a new definition on urban clothing.

    Client: Mammuthus Urban Apparel
    Brand Identity - Creative Direction - Art Direction: Corn Studio
    Street Calligraphy: Carlos Tuver a.k.a Panagiotis Vasileiou