Travel - the world may surprise you. Fatty O.

  • I would like to present you - the first illustration of the series: "Travel - the world may surprise you."
    My idea is a motivational character of its illustration, I would like to express that while we sit at home amazing places on our planet can be ruined, flooded, forgotten or completely destroyed.
    In the following work I will try to express or explain, do not necessarily have the money to travel - the main desire.
    Each of the illustrations will be placed in the character, which will emphasize the emotional state of nature corner
    (of course, as I see it).
    With regard to this character, I called him "Fatty O." - because it is 80% consists of water - or rather the ocean, and I  see the ocean deep, mysterious and overwhelming.
    I hope everyone will see for yourself that something special in my illustration, - I beg to love and favor - Fatty O.
  • Before I started to work on a character, I created a simple underwater illustration
    (You can look under this text)
    that a whole lot in the Internet - I would like to convey the depth of the underwater world - but I realized that this is not enough for a series of illustrations entitled
    "Travel - the world may surprise you" - because I'm sure
    that each corner of nature has its own character - its soul.
    Therefore, there was the Fatty O. 
  • Thanks for watching
    forward to your comments and likes