Carlsberg Export Euro 2016 'Bootiful Game' 3D Visual

  • Taxi Studio presented us with the challenge of creating the key visual for a range of limited edition Carlsberg Export packaging. 'The Bootiful Game' was designed to celebrate Carlsberg's official sponsorship of UEFA Euro 2016, and saw us craft a fully CG football boot, complete with miniature Parisian landmarks for studs.  The project was a great success, ultimately being featured in Design Week and Digital Arts, and nominated for ad of the week in The Drum. 
    The visual was built entirely in CG, with our artists working off design sketches and mockups supplied by Taxi. Cinema4D was used throughout the project - from modelling the basic shape of the boot down to molding the individual studs using C4D's sculpt tools.
  • Initial wireframe of boot model
  • AO render featuring fine sculpt details and textures
  • Test renders for a possible further placement of visual
    Work in progress of boot underside - playing with variations of landmark detail and the layout of boot mold
  • Extensive photo reference was consulted throughout the project to ensure that every detail was perfect, all the way down to the last stitch. This reference was especially important in sculpting the underside of the boot, which went through multiple changes in order to strike the balance between recognisable landmarks and realistic stud detail.