Brusque Footwear

  • Brusque® Footwear
    Brusque is a brand established in 2015 result of the knowledge acquired in footwear since 1986. The client asked for a sense of strength and permanence, always excelling for the highest quality of materials predominantly natural and hand finishined, where the disorder, distortion and failure is associated with the sense of beauty. 
    Brusque é uma marca estabelecida em 2015 fruto do conhecimento em calçado adquirido desde 1986. O cliente esperava um sentido de força e permanência, primando pela máxima qualidade dos materiais predominantemente naturais e acabamento manual onde a desordem, distorção e a falha se associa ao nosso sentido de beleza. Assim, pretendemos albergar cultura e design expressado numa extrema individualidade, atitude e instinto.
  • © 2010 Daryl Balfour, Wildebeest migration river crossing
  • We decided to use the wildebeest for the visual representation of Brusque. This species is one of the greatest animal migrators in the world, so it is certain that they have great foot! We loved its ugliness, wildness and sense of strength too. The wildebeest does not travel alone, they share and possesses what is known as a "swarm intelligence", whereby, when in group, the animals systematically explore and overcome the obstacle as if they were one.
  • Proportions and space.
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  • The shoe box for the premium line.
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  • The cover for Brusque people article. 
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  • Souvenirs for our clients and visitors.
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  • Brusque Footwear

    Client: Vercesa
    Creative direction and design: Gilberto Ribeiro
    Photography: Gilberto Ribeiro
    Models: Catarina Mello and Joana Leal