From Sketch to Cover

    Work process of my illustration for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin cover. 
    Above the finished magazine. Following, a series of pictures showing the entire process.

    The initial rough after the brief and
    several walks through the city looking for suitable sceneries:
  • 2
    The draft to get ready for inking and colours:
  • 3
    The digital colour sketch in the draft for a discussion
    with the art director about colour scheme and atmosphere:
  • Light and shadows are done first in greyscale (left), then as rough colouring (right) with a Gamut mask colour scheme.
    (Gamut masking is a concept developed by James Gurney. The tool I use was developed by Richard Robinson.)
  • Adjustments and variations of the colour scheme are made with Photoshop, using Color Lookup and Hue/Saturation.
  • 4
    The finished inking:
  • A detail view of the inking:
  • 5
    The final, coloured illustration:
  • The image in the layout of the printed magazine:
  • Thanks for watching.