Disappearing White / Let's Dance! Animals Exhibition

  • 搖擺吧!動物們 - 藝術設計展
    Let's Dance! Animals - Art and Design Exhibition
    策展單位 / 奇美博物館
    Curating Institution / Chimei Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
    展覽時間 / Exhibition Duration / Jan. 27 ~ Aug. 31, 2016
    參展藝術家 / Artists
    01、保羅.班尼克 Paul BANNICK(美國 USA)02、甲蟲創意 Bito(台灣 Taiwan)03、陳奕彰 Yi Chang CHEN(台灣 Taiwan)
    04、陳佑而 Yu Erh CHEN(台灣 Taiwan)05、吉爾.法利思 Gilles FALISSE(比利時 Belgium)
    06、莎野加.甘茲 Sayaka GANZ(日本/美國 Japan/USA)
    07、良事設計 haoshi design(台灣 Taiwan)08、翰你設計 Haniboi Ltd.(台灣 Taiwan)09、原田和明 Kazuaki HARADA(日本 Japan)
    10、肯德菈.海斯特 Kendra HASTE(英國 Britain)11、洪新富 Hsin Fu HUNG(台灣 Taiwan)12、池龍虎 Yong Ho JI(韓國 South Korea)
    13、廖國成 Kuo Cheng LIAO(台灣 Taiwan)14、優游設計 Liberté Design Studio(台灣 Taiwan) 15、林家慶 Chia Ching LIN(台灣 Taiwan)
    16、劉丁讚 Ding Zan LIU(台灣 Taiwan)17、雅戈.帕塔爾 Yago PARTAL(西班牙 Spain)18、宋宜璋 Yi Chang SUNG(台灣 Taiwan)
    19、蔡爾信 Erh Hsin TSAI(台灣 Taiwan)20、蔡爾平 Erh Ping TSAI(台灣 Taiwan)21、傑夫洛.烏伊托 Jeffro UITTO(美國 USA)
    22、王有森 Yu Sen WANG(台灣 Taiwan)23、張麗真 Li Zhen ZHANG(台灣 Taiwan)
  • 創作理念 / Concept
    《Disappearing White》
    《Disappearing White》
    One polar bear, two polar bears, ten, a hundred, a thousand polar bears…
    A thousand polar bears, a hundred, ten, two, one polar bear.
    For hundreds of millions of years, polo bears in their white coats stood on top of the food chain.
    They ran, hunt, and swam; the whole Arctic Circle is their theme park.
    And then, a swarm of human came. Ice melted. Polar bears gone.
    If there are still polar bears a hundred years later, will they know that they used to live in a world covered in white?
    Or will they only be able to know this when they entered the museum?
    Under current global climate change, polar bears are probably the most endangered animals among all.
    I hope, through the gentle and simple strokes, this series of artworks will call for people’s attention to the melancholic future of extinguishing species. Utilizing a massive amount of white, the artworks appear empty and without any detail when seeing them from afar, as if polar bears disappeared from the universe and left an empty space. Only when audiences came closer to the pieces would they see the existence of polar bears, reflecting the reality of the current situation.

    輸出材質 / Artwork material 
    阿奇士噴墨藝術紙(310g),數位微噴輸出,裱鋁板 / Arches Aquarelle Rag (310g), Digital Giclee Printing, Aluminium plate
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