Street Wars : The Thugs Awakens

  • A long time ago, in a street far, far away...
  • I'm not serve to emo kid. Being a traitor is a need. Enjoying is an art.
  • Death Star is my bit**h. Rebel alliance pilots blowing death star with style !
  • Nothing will stand in our way, i will finish all the cookies and listen to the get up kids and jimmy eat world songs.
  • Yo, Han Solo is dead killed by his emo son, now i'm going to korean to search another han. Han hao, han xiang, han yin, han fei, han yong-yun.
    F**k too much han !
  • When you're watching star wars. And you realize phasma did nothing. Damn you brienne of tarth. go back to winterfell.
  • Can't wait her hand chooped off like every main character in star wars.
  • Old but gold. This is the thug droid you're looking for.
  • The Whole Gank

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