Bauhaus and Capoeira

  • Exploring the strenuous lines of muscles, photographer Pierre Manning collaborates with graphic designer Patrick Seymour and gif artist Marc-Antoine Jacques for an action-packed Schön! online editorial. With styling from Bianca Di Blasio Dulcedo, bodies are injected with high-levels of adrenaline, clad in sportswear pieces from adidas, Travis Taddeo and Lafaille.

  • ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers  ///  TRAVIS TADDEO Shorts  ///  LAFAILLE Bomber Jacket

  • ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers  ///  TRAVIS TADDEO Shorts  ///  LAFAILLE Bomber Jacket

  • LAFAILLE Short
  ///  ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers

  • LAFAILLE Bomber Jacket and Top  ///  ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers


  • LAFAILLE pants and top  ///  ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers

  • LAFAILLE Short
  ///  ADIDAS GAZELLE Sneakers

  • Photography  ///  Pierre Manning
    Styling  ///  Bianca Di Blasio Dulcedo
    Models  ///  Mitch & Tucker @ Dulcedo & François
    Make Up  ///  Laurie Deraps @ Dulcedo
    Graphic Design  ///  Patrick Seymour 
    Retouch  ///  Audrée Desnoyers 
    Gif  ///  Marc-Antoine Jacques @ Folklore
    Photography Assistant  ///  Alexandre Couture