Taipei Metro / Year of the Monkey Commemorative Tickets

  • Client - Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

    Leading Design & Illustration - Kuocheng Liao 
    Co-design & Package Design - Robie Su ( Midnight Design )

    Product Photographer - 李阮修
  • Brief 
    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Taipei Metro system, this One-day Pass Ticket design features 20 unique city images, in which 20 Taiwan macaque monkeys are looking for celestial peaches. In Taiwanese culture peach represents longevity and 2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac.
    20 Taipei city spots, depicted in a semi-abstract style with minimal forms and vivid colors, reflect the lively and bustling atmosphere of Chinese New Year.
  • Package
    The package design references the tradition of Chinese New Year, which eating candies are said to bring good luck and fortune. As the front side of the packaging continues to tell the story of macaque monkeys looking for celestial peaches; the image is printed in metallic gold that is considered the luckiest color for New year, echoing the festival tone and adding the fine details. 
    The contents include various sizes of posters, New Year couplets, and red envelopes. The multi-layered package design not only brings visual joy, but its vivid color palette also evokes an energetic bright mood, to visualize the great happiness of embracing Chinese New Year.
  • Caption
    Part of the folded image is served as pattern, and the die-cut design allows the One-day Pass Tickets to insert in the poster,
    leveraging association and establishing continuity.
  • Caption
    The car parts are transformed to the fireworks, which traditionally believed to be launched to drive away the evil spirit.
  • Caption
    Gold and Red are considered the representative colors of Chinese New Year; the gold foil print finish not only reflects this belief but also adds the sophisticated touch to the final look.
  • caption
    The official poster