"Deda" ["Grandpa"] ♥

  • "Deda" ["Grandpa"] ♥

    "I learned a lot about life, from my grandfather Zvonko Pancer. He, along with the person that I still see as a role model - my grandmother Zora - was important part of my earliest memories. Every time I look at this contagiously vibrant and incredibly stubborn ninety one years old man , I think to myself ; how much experience this man holds ; heavier and uglier, much more than those beautiful and easier ; and yet, in his immediate vicinity I cannot feel stronger genuine desire of being – alive. I always wondered where this amazing energy is coming from, and why it can’t be found within all men. While painting his portrait, I perceived my grandfather in the ways like never before. Every wrinkle, every stroke, every distorted details of his face told me segments of his story, and the reason for its existence. The reason of my existence." 

    Acrylic on framed cardboard 
    100x70 cm