Presentation Studio Company Values Poster Set

  • Every organisation is like a person, it needs a personality, a set of characteristics which completes it as a whole. In Presentation Studio, a Sydney-based design studio specialised in presentation design, there are six company values which drive its everyday ways of working. They are PASSIONATE, COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE, FOCUSED, THOUGHT LEADERS, and WELLBEING. Each of these values has further definition, explained through a short, simple statements.
    This project's brief is to visualise these values in a form of illustration and typography, in a style that can resonate with the company's brand gudielines, culture and physical interior design. The company's visual tone revolves around being people, being spontaneous, exciting, natural, and vibrant.
    These set of posters potrays different characters, with different professions, skin colors and color palettes, a form of embracing the company's rich culture and diversity. Each character is being potrayed in the middle of interaction with tiny blue creatures, performing a task together that represents one company value. The interaction in order to perform the tasks represents the idea of teamwork which is an important part of the company's culture, and the tiny blue creatures are a subtle representation of the company itself, with blue being its main color, including its logo.
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