1st.Personal project Shooting star team

  • -프롤로그
    전세계를 넘어 은하계에 10년에 단한번뿐인 
    행성간의 평화를 기리는 대축제 
    슈퍼 스페이스 풋볼 시리즈가 개최된다 ~!
    지구의 각 나라에서 선발된 11명의 선수들 슈팅스타 팀!!
    개최지는 브라질!! 
    은하계의 모든 외계인 풋볼팀 선수들과 
    외계인 풋볼팬들이 브라질로 최고의 게임을 찾아 방문한다.
    지금 바로 그 게임의 서막이 열리는데~!!
    The big festival held just once in 10 years wishing for peace between the planets in the galaxy beyond the universe,
     Super Space Football Series are about to begin~!
    The Shooting Star Team comprised of eleven selected players from countries around the globe. 
    The host country is Brazil!!
    Alien players from every football team in the galaxy and their fans are visiting Brazil for the best games.
    Now, the games are about to begin~!!
  • Shooting star team
  • Shooting star team
  • Staff team
    Locker Room
  • staff-trainer
  • staff-manager
  • staff-medical team
  • staff-coach

  • No.11 Wilkie - Wide Receiver
    No.60 Big bear - Line Guard
  • No.63 Apple - Line Tackle
  • No.55 Shark - Line Guard
  • No.25 sugil - Runningback (FB)
  • No.52 Bat - Center
  • No.73 Chris - Line Tackle
  • No.10 Taco - Wide Receiver
  • No.20 ZET - running back(HB)
  • No.88 Lohas - Tight End
  • No.7 Jerome - Quarter back
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