Art Quadrum. Products for artists

  • Art Quadrum.
    Products for artists

    Manufacturer and distributor of products for artists with its own network of branded stores and widest range of painting frames in Russia. Company’s business covers b2b and b2c sectors and is developing actively. In terms of the project it was important to renew branding and brand catalogue, underline artistic part of client’s business activities, at the same time avoiding the exploitation of traditional images, abused by competitors.

  • The identity concept stemmed from the company’s name: Art and Quadrum — «square» in Latin. The font part of the logo is enclosed in two squares, which together form a silhouette of letter «Q». Any artworks, symbols and illustrations can be placed inside the squares like in painting frames. Thus, the team managed to create a dynamic brand identity which reflects client’s business direction, has a precise construction system and can be scaled for any media.

  • Font set for the logo — Lineatura — is a geometric grotesque with contrasting width of letters. Despite the precise geometric structure of symbols, in the set it looks rather decorative due to uneven width of characters that resemble abstract figures.

  • Main brand colours — pure black and white alongside with complex tones of brown — support the main identity line. The agency succeeded in presenting the company in absolutely new context, giving it a contemporary look and widening identity opportunities in order to embrace all business activities of the client.

  • Creative Director Vitaly Afanasiev
    Design Director Vladimir Isaev
    Art Director Evgenia Abramova