Margin 2020

  • Introduction Ideas are always necessary. But what is the best way to produce ideas? Discussion and Exchange is always best in a group, you can be more productive and creative. A group of thinkers can influence each other in every step of a design process, so communication is key to a successful design. A think thank can be the perfect environment to culture a atmosphere of forward thinking. We had to analyze the subjects and extract the most prominent elements and carry them over to a completely new idea. Through this “Transfer of Ideas” we could create something new from an already existing creation.
  • Subject For our project we chose modern Japanese architecture, Zen buddhism and a thought of community. We mixed them together to create a CI for a think tank that aims to improve every aspect of life in Japan, transportation, health and much more.
  • Brand Architecture A group that concentrates on minimalism, community and communication in modern Japan aiming to improve life, sharpen the perception of the environment and a strengthening of community. It consists of architects, zen monks and sociologists influencing each other to create new ideas and possibilities. Architecture and community take elements from Zen culture and reshape them or integrate them to create a reference in a macro and micro context.
  • First, our corporate logo consists of a 3-dimensional cube and the corresponding prefectural symbol. This shows the context of city, region and Japan, creating a familiarity with our design from the start. More recognizable symbols mean more recognition for our brand and a broader audience. Our logo is simple but effective in its entirety.
  • Categories There are sub-logos for different topic creating links to other elements of our corporate identity. They use simple icons and abstraction to be universally usable.