• Sin Remitente

    There is something irresisitible about recieving an anonymous gift. The thrill of an unknown sender wakes up in ourselves a romantic imaginarium of older times where written word and waiting time were valued . "Sin remitente" translates as "no sender",  we wanted to communicate this message through a branding for a unique mezcal that would feel more like an experience and less like a commercial signature. The center of it all would be the place of origin of this beverage, which in all cases would be the sender: the nature, the geography and landscape, all this represented through a series of made-up postal stamps and illustrations in mailing cards depicting fragments of the mezcal´s place of origin.

    This edition of Sin remitente is a mezcal made of Agave Duranguensis (also called cenizo) , a tribute to the state of Durango in the north of México, a beautiful place full of mountains, and unique wildlife.

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