Men Will Never Know Any Of This

  • "Men Will Never Know Any Of This" ("Os Homens Nunca Saberão Nada Disto") is the Pat R's new book. Pat R is a portuguese writer and, for this new novel, has invited some illustrators, artists and even musicians to collaborate. I've been commissioned to illustrate two characters: Ian, the main character and guitar player, and Ivan, his father. Everything has been hand-drawn on a 42x29,7cm sheet, with Micro Inkpens. Textures and colors added in Photoshop.

    The book is available here and, below, you can read more about the novel and the extra-book. It was pleasure to collaborate on this project!

    About "Men Will Never Know Any Of This":
    "In one ejaculation, there are between 200 to 400 million sperm cells. Spring of 1969: Ian, a guitar player who is immersed in occultism and Led Zeppelin songs, is heartbroken because his girlfriend left him. In a gray, lonely routine, he meets Jeanette, a dreamer who is fascinated by dead languages. That night, they sleep together. From 200 to 400 million cases, the history of this family is told through time and music, by the voice of the eighteen children that might have resulted from this fertilization, each chapter situated in a different era, a different life, a different story."

    About the extra-book:
    "23 illustrators collaborated in creating a visual complement to the novel "Men Will Never Know Any of This" - a graphic novel entitled "Extras Book" or "Emet", the Truth. This acessory follows the novel's reading and has several, carefully thought out, additional elements to enrich and grace the plot: a family tree that allows the reader to better understand Pollock's Family structure; 58 illustrations by 23 illustrators, collaborating from all different continents, countries and cultures, in which each character's universe is recreated and interpreted through symbols, visual references and spaces; the recreation of a Pollock's family photo album, frequently referenced by the narrators; Lizz Moon's retrospective artistic work and a CD that recreates the mythical album "Evergreen Queen" by the band Ouranos released in 1969, from the creative mind's of Mike Ghost and Fernando Matias."


  • IAN
    Immersed in You
  • Process
    Line work
    Authoratiarism hides itself in an irregularly shaped cloud.
  • Process
    Line work
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