Psychedelic Tribal Gathering - OZORA Festival '16

  • Hand drawn poster made by black ink.
    It was digitally colored after the high resolution scan. 

    Hand drawn I Ink on paper (digitally colored) 2015 
    Size of the original: 50x70cm I Print size: 42x59cm

    THE ROOTS: "It’s natural instinct to seek our origins. It’s curiosity. Because we want to come face to face with the source that breathed life into us, that we can turn back to, as a kind of renaissance being, for inspiration and direction. In the past few years this need has manifested in almost all segments of the festival: re-learning and practicing ancient handicrafts techniques or movement arts and healing methods, all of which knowledge can be woven into or used in our everydays. In 2016 music takes center stage with a diverse selection of artists who are in some way forerunners, pioneers or great innovators of their genres or styles, who represent our musical roots."

  • London

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