Character design 2015

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  •  This is my ‎Shaolin Selfie Master
  • Here is my swamp lady)
  • This is the Plague...Evil character. Her body can change the form like oil in the water it flows all the time... She hates nature. Character based a bit on mexican culture.
  • This is my Artemis. Wanted to make her graceful fragile but strong. It reminded me of ballet. Ballerinas look so light as if they are made from air but behind this lightness are tonns of work and pain. So the real lady is...
  • Mr. Sweet Tooth, a racoon that, unlike most of the second generation detectives, doesn’t descent from detectives who earned titles on the first generation. His father used to be a thief who wanted a better life for his son and at that moment being a detective was the most promising career. So Sweet tooth was trained by his father on crime ways to be able to know how they work.
    Nowadays Sweet Tooth is a fully grown detective with his own method. Even though he knows the risks, he bends the limits of legality on his investigations. His weaker spot is tasty food, he can’t resist to it even if it is a crime evidence. When he investigates the case he looks very noisy smart and expressive all other time he is sleepy and lazy.
  • My freky vintage circus twins